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Introducing Fully Booked: a Blog by Seated

by Bo Peabody May 17, 2022

Today we’re excited to be launching Fully Booked, a a new hospitality blog where we’ll publish insights and strategies to help restaurant owners control their occupancy, grow demand across dine-in and online ordering, and increase profit margins.

Thoughts from our founder

As an operator for over 20 years and a board member of Boqueria in NYC, I’ve seen the industry change drastically in recent decades. Technology has woven its way into every facet of the restaurant industry (Boqueria uses over 70 unique technology providers across its locations), and there are an immeasurable number of potential tools that operators can use to streamline and optimize their operations.

And while I am an avid believer in technology’s ability to solve many problems, many of the tools that have been created to help restaurants become more successful ignore one of the simplest truths of running any business, let alone a restaurant: if you get more customers in the door, your profits grow. It really is that simple.

So many of the tools in the industry today focus on improving the guest experience for a restaurant’s current customers, or streamlining one part of a restaurant’s operations or expenses, but ignore the biggest driver of higher profits: getting more butts in seats.

And that’s why we started Seated.

Growing above 10% profits

We started Seated to solve that problem by giving operators a zero-effort way to fill empty seats with no new technology or change in their operations. Most restaurants have no trouble filling most of their seats on busier nights, but the industry has accepted the reality that slow days are an inevitable reality of running a restaurant and there’s nothing they can do to change that.

But that line of thinking is what has held profit margins in the restaurant industry below 10 percent, even while other hospitality-based industries (hotels, etc.) have adopted tools to maximize occupancy every day of the week. That’s what we are focused on solving with Seated.

As a restaurant operator, you can use Seated to fill empty seats during times when those seats would have usually sat empty, resulting in more revenue, additional tips for your staff, and more money in your pocket.

Check out our newest video below, and reach out if you’d like to chat with our team about how you can tap into our network of 900k+ diners to grow profits at your restaurant.

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